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The H1 experiment in Birmingham

A Buniatyan, J Bracinik, PR Newman, PD Thompson

The H1 experiment was located at the HERA collider at DESY in Hamburg. From 1992 until 2007, HERA collided electrons at 27.5 GeV with protons at 920GeV. The Birmingham group analysed the resulting data in order to study the quark and gluon structure of the proton in fine detail, to improve our understanding of the fundamental forces of nature (in particular the strong interaction) and to search for new phenomena. We maintain a modest continuing involvement in the analysis of the final H1 data set.

proton diagram A view of the H1 detector .

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Principal areas of study of Birmingham phyicisists:

Hard Diffraction
Heavy Flavour Production
Inclusive Cross Secations
The Forward Muon Detector
The Fast Track Trigger

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