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Birmingham H1 theses

Gareth Noyes, Nov. '93
`A First Level Forward Muon Trigger for the H1 Experiment at HERA'

Hywel Phillips, Dec. '93

`Track Reconstruction in the Forward Muon Subdetector and Investigations Concerning the Photon Remnant in the H1 Detector at HERA'

Tanwir Ahmed, Feb. '94

`First Measurements of the Neutral Current Deep Inelastic Cross Sections and the Proton Structure Function F2(x,Q2) at HERA'

Stuart Robertson, Dec. '95

`Hadronic Energy Flow and Inclusive Charged Particle Production at HERA'

Paul Newman, Feb. '96

`A Study of the Dynamics of Diffractive Photoproduction at HERA'

Tim Nicholls, Apr. '97

`A Measurement of the Diffractive Proton Structure Function at HERA'

Victoria Hudgson, Apr. '97

`Measurement of the Cross Section for the Quasi-elastic Photoproduction of psi(2S) at HERA'

Kirstee Hewitt, Mar. '98

`Elastic J/psi Photoproduction and the Detection and Triggering of Muons at Low Wgp using the H1 Detector'

Paul Thompson, Jun. '99

`Open Charm Production in Inclusive and Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA'

David Lamb, Jun. '01

`Inelastic Photoproduction of J/psi mesons at HERA'

Carrie Johnson, Apr. '02

`Measurement of the Diffractive Proton Structure Function F2D(3) at Low Q2 at the H1 experiment at HERA'

Yves Fleming, Sept. '03

`The H1 First Level Fast Track Trigger'

Ethan Woehrling, Sept. '04

`High Q2 Neutral Current Interactions at H1 and an Extraction of xF3'

Yves Coppens, Sept. '04

`A Measurement of the Diffractive Reduced Cross Section at Low Q2 in Deep Inelastic Scattering with the H1 Detector'

Oliver Henshaw, Sept. '05

`A First Measurement of the Neutral Currnet Cross Section at High Q2 in Longitudinally Polarised e+ p Scattering with the H1 Detector'

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