Conditions of Use of the PP computing facilities

Conditions of Use of the PP computing facilities

  1. Users of the system should make themselves familiar with and obey the University's Policies and Procedures including the General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities.

  2. Users should protect their account with a well-chosen obscure password and not divulge that password to anyone else, or any Internet Service Provider or other organisation. If you think your account has been used by someone else then you must inform Mark Slater. Particular care must be taken when connecting from a computer outside the group. Change your password reasonably often using the information found here.

  3. Users should use email in a responsible way: avoid unnecessary multiple mailings and don't use email to transmit large files. If you receive junk mail (spam) about any subject, don't reply to it or click on any contained links. There are ways of reporting it locally.

  4. Users should only run software which is provided by the system and software directly associated with their experiments. Any other software should not be imported. You should not run any servers or services. Consult with Mark Slater if in doubt. If you need a particular package and it is not provided on our system, then approach MWS who will look into installing it.

  5. You may not disconnect or connect any provided PCs on the network. Computers already on the network must only run the operating system and services agreed with MWS, via the connection point provided for that computer.

  6. Generally, personal laptops do not need to be connected to the wired network. See MWS for special dispensation to connect a laptop or unmanaged device to the wired network.

  7. Users should be aware that the university can monitor all web traffic, including the recording of each end of connections at the very least, and monitors all email traffic, as required by legislation.

  8. Users should not display, download, or store or send, any illegal or offensive material on our computer facilities. University regulations forbid storing of pornographic material on any computers: it's a disciplinary offence. Because browsers have a cache, simply viewing implies storing.

  9. The university reserves the right to do spot-checks on any computer without notice, and on previous form, will remove for several weeks equipment associated with infringements of the rules. (This would have a serious effect on research).

  10. Users may have their own web pages provided through the group web server, if they wish and (for students) if their supervisor agrees. These should be in keeping with the experiments they are involved with. Don't use other's material as this infringes their copyright. Those wishing to have web pages which reflect their personal interests outside their experiment should use an external web service provider, or a social networking site.

  11. Please take care of the equipment provided for you. Avoid marking it or putting stickers on it that might be difficult to remove in the future. Do not move computing items from one PC to another without consulting MWS. If there is a problem with a PC, consult MWS first. Keep equipment well-ventilated to avoid risk of fire.

  12. Drinks, food and cigarettes are bad for computers, particularly keyboards. Please keep them apart. (Smoking is not allowed in university buildings in any case).