Documents relating to the FTT

Overall FTT Project
PRC Proposal ps pdf
Addendum to PRC Proposal (answering referees' questions) ps pdf
Talk at Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors (May 2000, Andre Schoening) ps pdf
Pisa Proceedings ps pdf

Level 1

Original PPESP Request ps pdf
Questions from and Answers to PPESP Referees ps pdf
Funding Request talk given at PPESP meeting (December '99) ps pdf
Response to Opening offer from PPESP ps pdf
Statement to PPESP on Academic Involvement ps pdf
L1 Feasibilty Study for DESY PRC (May 2000) pdf ps
First Version of L1 Milestones Document pdf ps
Yves Fleming's Ph.D. midterm report (Uni Birmingham, Sep 2000) ps
(ghostview problems, but prints OK)
L1 `Specification' Document for DESY PRC (Oct 2000) pdf ps
Proposed Front End Module internal bus addressing scheme pdf ps

Level 2

Level 2 Feasibility Study from SCS ps pdf
Level 2 Detailed Specification (Dec 2000) pdf ps
Level 2 Design Description (Dec 2000) pdf ps

Level 3

Level 3 Status and Plans (14/3/00) ps pdf