24 March 2015
Updated silicon lab web pages launched

11 March 2015
Group members busy at the 2015 Big Bang Fair at the NEC

19 February 2015
Group member Andy Chisholm wins an ATLAS thesis award

15 December 2014
NA62 pilot run successfully completed

26 November 2014
Higgs Hunters project goes public

9 October 2014
Group member Kostas Nikolopoulos, appointed ATLAS-UK physics coordinator.

21 July 2014
Group hosting BEACH 2014 conference

1 July 2014
Group members talking Higgs Bosons at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

23 June 2014
LHC restart schedule announced

1 May 2014
Group member Dave Charlton, elected Fellow of the Royal Society

24 April 2014
Photos from the Big Bang Fair

13 March 2014
Understanding the Higgs Boson at the NEC Big Bang Fair

13 February 2014
Vacancy in group for programmer / software engineer

10 October 2013
Congratulations to Englert and Higgs on Nobel prize!

4 October 2013
New postdoc opportunity on ATLAS experiment

8 September 2013
15 group members travel to Jammu, India for workshop series on triggers

3 September 2013
New postdoc opportunity on NA62 experiment

22 July 2013
B'ham Nuclear Physics / ALICE colleagues hosting SQM2013 meeting this week

1 July 2013
Group members manning Higgs boson stand at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

11 June 2013
Group member Evgueni Goudzovski awarded prestigious ERC Starting Grant

5 June 2013
Vacancies for Firmware Engineer and Technician

22 April 2013
Group welcomes CERN DG Rolf Heuer for B'ham lecture

1 March 2013
Group member Dave Charlton takes up role of ATLAS spokesperson

14 February 2013
First 3-year phase of LHC operation completed. Now for lots of data analysis and preparations for next phase in 2015!

1 February 2013
New ultrasonic wire bonder in service and ready for ATLAS tracker upgrade prototyping

23 January 2013
B'ham computer scientists on how Higgs news spread via Twitter

17 December 2012
Final NA62 Lepton Universality tests published, with Birmingham leadership

17 December 2012
8 TeV LHC proton-proton running completed

17 September 2012
NA62 KTAG detector on its way to CERN

31 July 2012
ATLAS & CMS Higgs-like discovery papers submitted for publication

4 July 2012
Higgs boson (or something very like it) discovered, with strong B'ham involvement

24 May 2012
1st observation of spin correlations in top events by ATLAS, with strong B'ham involvement

3 May 2012
Our new B'ham Fellows, Evgueni Goudzovski & Kostas Nikolop­oulos are now in post

17 Mar 2012
Photos from our stand at Big Bang Fair

14 Feb 2012
Group featured in University Buzz magazine (p6-7)

7 Feb 2012
ATLAS releases Higgs publications on 2011 searches

24 Jan 2012
Group member, Miriam Watson featured in Physics World

22 Dec 2011
New beauty particle discovered by ATLAS with strong B'ham involvement

19 Dec 2011
UKIERI funds collaboration with Jammu Uni, India

16 Dec 2011
CERN DG Rolf Heuer receives Honorary Birmingham degree
Photos: 1 2 3

13 Dec 2011
Higgs search status - results presented