Dr A Sergi

Position:Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Projects:LHCb, DUNE and NA62


Tonino Sergi has a wide range of experise in the design, operation and exploitation of particle physics experiments, most recently spanning the NA62, LHCb and proto-DUNE projects. He is currently at CERN on a scientific associateship.

Over the past couple of years he has had a very large impact in the commissioning of the NA62 experiment, as run coordinator, through trigger implementation, calibration strategy and data processing. His direct personal responsibilities were for the vital KTag detector, which identifies kaons in the mixed SPS beam, and has operated beyond specifications throguhout the run so far. He remains the NA62 Computing and Software coordinator.

For LHCb, he is the RICH upgrade DAQ coordinator, testing increasingly “final” readout electronics in test beams, developing firmware for the on-detector readout and interfacing to the online group. The upgrade will be implemented in the next (LS2) shutdown, and Tonino is preparing to play a major role in commissioning.

For proto-DUNE, he is online monitoring development coordinator, designing aspets of the system architecture and recently delivering a first working prototype which is being used to commission the electronics for the ongoing test programme.

Tonino plays a substantial broader role in particle physics in Birmingham and beyond, supervising PhD students and contributing to teaching and outreach.