Mr R J Staley

Position:Part time Hardware Engineer
Projects:ATLAS and DUNE
Room:West 323


Richard Staley is the senior hardware engineer in the Birmimgham particle physics group. Having worked on many of the group's previous projects, his most recent work has been on the ATLAS experiment. He designed, wrote firmware for, and maintains the vital Cluster Processor Module for the ATLAS first level calorimeter trigger (L1Calo) and it's Phase 0 upgrade. These modules have to process huge volumes of data from the ATLAS calorimeter and find the most interesting signals within around 2 microseconds. For the Phase 1 L1Calo upgrade, he has delivered the `FEX text module' and is deeply involved in using it to develop and test firmware and hardware for the electron feature extractor (eFEX) module.

Richard is a leading figure in two Birmingham projects for the more distant future: the Phase 2 ATLAS L1Calo upgrade, which will have to find objects of interest when of order 200 interactions happen in every 25ns bunch crossing, and the demonstrator module for the detector-to-DAQ interface for the DUNE long baseline neutrino experiment.