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Welcome to the BILPA website.

The Birmingham Instrumentation Laboratory for Particle physics and Applications (BILPA) is part of the University of Birmingham Particle Physics Group

BILPA has been established in 2016 through a University funded initiative aimed at consolidating and expanding its capabilities in semiconductor detector systems R&D and production, with a significant investment in new academic staff and a new suite of cleanroom space.

The new laboratory consists of 200 m2 of open-plan cleanroom space and is designed to accommodate work in three main areas: detector development for the High-Luminosity upgrade of the LHC (HL-LHC), generic R&D on semiconductor detectors for future international collider experiments, and medical application of particle physics technology. The BILPA facilities will contribute to both the delivery of STFC science, and to the development of applications of STFC technologies in other spheres of academia and in industry.

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General view of ISO 5 clean room      General view of ISO 5 clean room      ISO 7 with environmental chamber      Lobby area

The BILPA laboratory is complemented by the locally available facility for proton irradiation (MC40)

which allows sensors and electronics to quickly be tested to doses corresponding to the intense conditions expected close to the collision points at the HL-LHC.

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We are available to do projects for other groups on the campus and for other Universities. If you are interested to know what we can do for you please contact us using the information below.

The laboratory is managed by Simon Pyatt.

or phone on 0121 414 4615.