Dr S J Hillier

Position:Senior Research Fellow
Projects:ATLAS, DUNE
Room:West 322


Steve Hillier has worked in Particle Physics research for over 30 years, mostly based on experiments at CERN, and specialising in the development and operation of triggering systems.

Steve initially worked on OPAL at LEP, particularly on the Muon Endcap detector, Silicon Tungsten Luminometer and Central Trigger System. Since 1995, he has been a member of the Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger group of the ATLAS detector at LHC, taking a leading role in developing online software for the trigger system. In more recent years, he has taken on several managerial roles, including being the coordinator of the international calorimeter trigger collaboration for four years. More recently, he has also joined the Birmingham effort in the DUNE collaboration.

Steve currently represents the Birmingham group on PPUAC, and sits as one of the two UK representatives on the CERN ACCU body.