Birmingham OPAL Ph.D Theses

The following is a complete list of Ph.D theses by Birmingham OPAL students. Links to files are provided where available.

Constraints on Anomalous Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings at OPAL and the System Test of the ATLAS Barrel SCT
P.J.Bell, October 2003, abstract (PS, 0.1MB) and in full (PS, 6.7MB)
Analysis of Tau & Muon Pairs at Collision Energies 192-209 GeV with OPAL Detector at LEP
G.Anagnostou, November 2002, abstract (PS, 98kB) and in full (PS, 2242kB)
A Measurement of Triple Gauge Boson Couplings in Fully Leptonic W Decays
A.W.Lloyd, November 2000, abstract (PS, 173kB) and in full (PS, 998kB)
A Study of the Process e+e- -> mu+mu-(gamma) using the OPAL Detector at LEP
S.F.Ashby, August 2000, abstract (PS, 193kB) and in full (PS, 1378kB)
Production of Muon pairs and Tau pairs at energies above the Z0 mass using the OPAL detector at LEP
SD Talbot, September 1998 abstract (PS, 136kB) and in full (PS, 1663kB)
Measurements of the B** and Bs** Mass Peaks and B Mixing using Data from the OPAL experiment
AN Bell, October 1997 abstract (PS, 62kB) and in full (PS, 1065kB)
Measurement of the Topological Branching Ratios of the Tau Lepton using the OPAL Detector at LEP
JE Bloomer, September 1997 abstract (PS, 63kB) and in full (PS, 1195kB)
Measurement of the Muonic Branching Ratio of the tau lepton using the OPAL Detector at LEP
DA Rigby, December 1996 abstract (PS, 53kB) and in full (PS, 788kB)
Measurements of Bottom Hadron Lifetimes
MJ Pearce, March 1996 abstract (PS, 124kB) and in full (PS, 2308kB)
Measurement of the Leptonic Branching Ratios of the tau Lepton using the OPAL Detector at LEP
JC Clayton, January 1995
A Measurement of the Average B Lifetime and B Fraction in Multihadronic Decays of the Z0 at OPAL
J Walker, October 1993
Evaluation of the Strong Coupling Constant Using Resummation Techniques at OPAL
M Whalley, July 1993
A Measurement of Mixing in the B0b(bar)0 System and Extraction of the Z0 Coupling to b Quarks Using Prompt Leptons at OPAL
N Thackray, May 1993
The detection and analysis of muons in leptonic decays of the Z0 particle at OPAL
SJ Hillier, February 1992
A study of heavy quark production on the Z0 Resonance using muons at OPAL
D Rees, February 1992
Event reconstruction and a study of electroweak effects in e+e- -> mu+mu-(gamma) at OPAL
NK Watson, December 1990
The detection of muons produced in electron-positron collisions at the OPAL experiment
M Couch, December 1990
The construction and operation of Streamer tubes used to detect muons produced in e+e- collisions in the OPAL experiment at CERN
TJ Smith, March 1990

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